There’s nothing like the movie-theater experience: the overflowing tub of buttery popcorn, an ice-cold soda, awesome surround sound, and the big screen flickering to life in comforting darkness with the stories that make us laugh, cry and contemplate the condition of our world. Now the restored vintage Ojai Playhouse offers the beloved moving-going experience in the tradition of yesteryear.

Improvements to the Ojai Playhouse included extending the stage for concerts, gutting and constructing new bathrooms, redoing the doorways, lobby and hall floors for ADA among other structural work. New comfortable theater seats were installed, easily accessed handicapped seating area, complete with comfortable companion seating and a lush couch for VIP seating. The area also serves as a sound engineer’s cock-pit for concerts and events. Most recently the theater installed a digital projector system, improving the consistency of quality in the films shown.

Every original artifact discovered at the space during the remodel that could be restored has become part of the authentic ambiance that is now the Ojai Playhouse. Vintage Deco-style chandeliers, movie posters, an old movie projector, curtains and even ancient fire extinguishers are part of the ambiance. Various sizes of classic movie reels are displayed on some of the walls. The original embossed tin ceiling panels, many of which they were able to restore and finish in bronze for stately look that accentuates the classic Hollywood feel they desired for the space.

“Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.”

– Ingmar Bergman, Film Writer & Director

About - Ojai Playhouse


About - Ojai Playhouse


About - Ojai Playhouse

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